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" Prehospital Medicine & Critical Care: State of the Art”
Dear distinguished Colleagues, ,​

We wish to extend a warm invitation to the first International Congress on Trauma Emergencies and Critical Care with the theme "Prehospital Medicine and Critical Care: State of the Art". This has the backing of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine and the National University Pedro Henríquez Ureña. It will be held on July 24-27th at Dreams La Romana Hotel.


This activity will be the first of its kind, with the American Academy of Emergency Medicine first hosting an event in the Caribbean. The conference program includes academic and social dynamic in which renowned scientists and experts from the U.S. and Latin America such as Joseph Lex, Terrence Mulligan, Marie Baldisseri among others, in the same mind share progress and latest trends in the clinical management of critically ill patients.It will be a unique day and represented by the highest academic excellence for the first time in our country, I invite you to join and make the most of this great event. I invite you to visit the website and watch the video promotional

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